Cloud & Enterprise IT

The enterprise information technology sector is rapidly moving to a pay-as-you-go, subscription-based technology-enabled services business model.  In these models, the technology, software, computing power, storage and/or networking is hosted, managed and accessed by customers through public and private cloud platforms. Organizations have discovered that cloud-based solutions are easier and less expensive to acquire, deploy and maintain, while innovations and improvements by vendors are more rapidly propagated to end users. 

Healthcare it

Sunstone seek investments in innovative and fast-growing healthcare IT companies that offer technology-enabled solutions to help enterprises mitigate costs, improve access, increase efficiencies, manage the shift of financial risk and address the challenges of an aging population. Expanding access through telemedicine, optimizing data to improve medical decisions, and re-engineering payment processes to reduce costs are just a few examples of how successful innovation through technology can improve patient services while lowering costs for payers, providers and consumers.

internet & marketing services

Enterprise customers are more educated and connected than ever before. Widespread access to information empowers them to learn about a company’s products and solutions before engaging with the company and then, when they do, they want to do so from an increasing number of global platforms and disparate devices. This fragmentation of the customer journey across channels and devices requires a new approach by enterprises for engagement with both prospects and customers.


There are several forces at work today that make cybersecurity an important area of Enterprise IT focus. The emergence of new technology platforms – including mobile, cloud computing and social networks – is creating new vulnerabilities and potential methods of attack. The security solutions currently available are insufficient to prevent many of these attacks, and new security platforms are required to counter these emerging threats.